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InMe- Cardiff Barfly, September 12th 2002...KICKED ASS!!!
Lalala! I'm my usual happy self...I've been to see the best band in the world live...Yes thats right..INME! I saw them on Thursday in Cardiff and it was an amazing gig...the support acts were brilliant and also really friendly...but best of all, InMe were the best and also amazingly friendly and down to earth and didn't seem to care when we asked them for a hug! Well anyways, they signed my poster and Joe and Dave signed my arm and I hugged Simon and Joe...I'll put my signed poster on the pics page...but not my arm..because I can't scan it! Hehehe.

Who Are You In The Band??
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Talk about intense. You take everything to a whole other level. You're a passionate person, and you search for ways to channel that passion, be it beating the crap out of a drum kit or kickboxing some poor, helpless sucker to the mat. Like blink-182's Travis Barker and Korn's David Silveria, everything you do, you go all out. There is no such thing as half measures or letting things go. That's why drumming is for you -- the more driven and enthusiastic you are, the better you are at it. It's all about full-on, bang-'em-up action, rock star style!

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Who Are You In The Band??

I am 56.1% Freak! :)